Ida Wells & Ella Baker: Giants of History

I whole-heatedly believe every child should know who Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Ella Josephine Baker are; however, the nature of their work exposed the horror and violence of their times. It can be difficult finding resources that are relevant, true, and age appropriate, but they are out there. Both women were giants in their own time and remain giants in ours.

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Day of Remembrance: Executive Order 9066

I get the privilege of deciding how old the Underling and Cohorts should be before learning about the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, or the Selma to Montgomery March. Not all people have this privilege. To me, this privilege translates into an obligation. I am obligated to stand witness. I am obligated to honor the Day of Remembrance the best way I can: by teaching the next generation the truth.

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