9th Grade Course of Study-Updated

The Underling has a heavy hand in picking most of the curriculum and projects. We are fairly serious about math and science here because the Underling enjoys these subjects.

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Josephine Baker: Performer, Spy, Activist

In today's world, you are mostly likely to learn about her 'near naked' performances with feathers and bananas before you read about her role as a spy during World War II or a Civil Rights activist. She was an amazing performer, I don't want to discredit that, but she...

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Homeschooling Botany

I barely survived the nature walks of the Underling’s early “school” years. And I mean barely. So when one of the cohorts wanted to study botany for a high school credit, I groaned out loud, not inwardly, like a good, supportive auntie would. I may have actually cried myself to sleep that night.

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Nina Simone: The Civil Rights Movement Through Music

Nina Simone was a beautiful pianist, songwriter, and singer. Her courage was larger than life. She was a Civil Rights activist; her music was her voice. To me, no high school American history class or Civil Rights unit study is complete without her. The music she...

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Beware the Ides of March: Homeschooling Julius Caesar

Homeschooling allows for so many options on how to approach different topics. Some years I like to teach Julius Caesar and Ides of March only in the historical context of ancient Rome. However, during the high school years I usually do a few lessons that tie in...

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Pi Day Activities: March 14th

Pi Day is March 14th and one of my favorite days of the educational calendar. A great Pi Day involves circular food, math, poem writing, scavenger hunts, art, and books. Don’t let Pi Day catch you unaware this year.

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