Smile Big Dream Bigger: Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018

However, these two to three sentences are written in such a way that they allow every child living in a similar situation to see themselves in this book in a profound and meaningful way. What makes this book unique is that children not living in similar circumstances are reminded how much they have in common with Samantha through her narration. It’s a beautiful and compelling story of hope.

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Gifts for Culinary Kids

A culinary kid is the one that meets you in the kitchen as soon as the coffee is poured each morning to see if there is something he or she can help make. Before you know it, they graduate from cookies and scrambled eggs to chicken marsala and enchiladas.

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Non-Toy Gift Ideas

I cultivated a non-toy gift list for different age groups and interests over the years. Some of the ideas remain completely physically object-free (like classes) while some incur a need to be stored or re-purposed/recycled. Below are some of our favorites non-toy gift ideas we have either given or received.

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