Homeschooling High School Chemistry

I'm not a fan of textbooks in general, but I especially don't like them for high school use (yes, I know this makes me the opposite of most people). If your child wants a textbook format, I recommend all of Prentice Hall's high school science textbooks. They are...

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Literature Based Board Games

Games make up a significant part of our homeschool curricula. I try to find board games for every subject, including literature. There are more literature based games than you would think, though many of them require the skill levels of someone who is well read. While...

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Beware the Ides of March: Homeschooling Julius Caesar

Homeschooling allows for so many options on how to approach different topics. Some years I like to teach Julius Caesar and Ides of March only in the historical context of ancient Rome. However, during the high school years I usually do a few lessons that tie in...

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Top 5 Favorite App Developers for Homeschooling

I use apps regularly in my homeschool. Some of the great app developers continue to create and sell new apps. These are the companies or agencies I keep checking in with to see if they have developed any new apps I can use in our homeschool.

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Top 5 Favorite Language Arts Games

I have a complicated relationship with language arts. I love to read. I love to teach reading. I love to talk about books, I love to tell stories, and I love to listen to children tell stories. I don't mind teaching vocabulary. Here is the catch: I hate to teach...

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