Deschooling: Transitioning from Schooling to Homeschooling

Deschooling looks different for each child and each family. Ultimately, this is time for you and your child (children) to spend together and acclimate to learning at home. At school, nearly everything your child did throughout the day was scheduled and regimented, including when she used the bathroom.

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12 Steps to Start Homeschooling

We all consider homeschooling for different reasons. We all have different needs. Despite our differences, there are steps we all need to take to get started.

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Poster Activities for Homeschooling

You know when you find something that works and you wish there was some sort of homeschool parent bat signal you could flip on and spread the word?  This is mine: Poster Activities.    Several years ago we suffered from a motivation problem in the school room.  The...

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To STEM, or not to STEM

Should you be using STEM projects in your homeschool? Is it relevant? The short answer is yes. The longer answer follows.

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Homeschool Mission Statements

I’ll admit to rolling my eyes when I first heard about creating a homeschool mission statement. In the business world every company I know of has a mission statement, but a mission statement for a homeschool?

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