Josephine Baker: Performer, Spy, Activist

In today's world, you are mostly likely to learn about her 'near naked' performances with feathers and bananas before you read about her role as a spy during World War II or a Civil Rights activist. She was an amazing performer, I don't want to discredit that, but she...

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Homeschooling Botany

I barely survived the nature walks of the Underling’s early “school” years. And I mean barely. So when one of the cohorts wanted to study botany for a high school credit, I groaned out loud, not inwardly, like a good, supportive auntie would. I may have actually cried myself to sleep that night.

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Earth Day is Earth Day. It's not a surprise, it's been on the calendar, it happens every year. However, every year I wake up on Earth Day and think, "Huh, how did this sneak up on me again? How can I have nothing planned for this?" When the Underling was a younger...

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Literature Based Board Games

Games make up a significant part of our homeschool curricula. I try to find board games for every subject, including literature. There are more literature based games than you would think, though many of them require the skill levels of someone who is well read. While...

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Drop Everything And Read: April 12th

April 12th is Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.)! Traditionally seen as an elementary age activity, children of all ages enjoy this day. There are lots of way to celebrate D.E.A.R. Some years we read picture books and painted scenes from the story, some years I read...

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